Where Rustic Marries Modern

Have you read about distressed/ faux vintage/ antique furniture? It has been doing rounds, lately, for its aged look full of elegance and beauty. I have fallen in love with this trend and if you’re on the same train; these pieces from REHABArt are a thing of beauty. Let’s have a look at this modern vintage trend!

1. Balayage Ombre Dresser
I always thought Balayage was an amazing hair color trend( even went for Balayage brown hair) but like every fashion trend; it has got its way inside home décor trends as well. What’s not to love about this piece of art!? It looks modern vintage and the blue provides a nice pop of color.


2. The Electric ECLECTIC
Eclectic is a mix-n-match of styles and ideas to create a new style. Wood and leather go well together but nothing looks so beautiful as this dresser from REHABArt. The classic combination takes a modern twist with this dresser! (more tips) Also, this is my favorite on this list.

3. Chest of Drawers
These drawer chests have been painted with quirky designs and shall be a statement piece in any room they adorn. With boho chic trend on the rise; these would complement the bohemian décor in its truest sense. So get rid of the boring furniture and add some fun to your home décor.

4. Mudrooms
These mudrooms make up for a grand entrance to your home! The vibrant blue and the subtle white both are exquisitely designed. The blue sends out positive and vibrant bohemian vibes, while the white is all sophisticated and modern. The entryway should always be the best and these designs shall never miss!

5. Turquoise
The soothing turquoise color is being loved by everyone lately and has been beautifully adopted in these designs. The stools with golden dipped legs look so cute! Also, the console table with distressed brown touches provides the faux vintage look and is high on the latest trends list!

6. Pallet Table
This chevron pallet table serves as an amazing accent table as well as a nightstand. The matte wooden finish in this geometrical pattern gives it a modern look. The inlays of the stripes has been done amazingly well.

7. Chique Décor
The golden finish table and the gold wire fur chair are so high-fashion! These shall look perfect in a modern home. Also, they shall fit perfectly into a minimalistic theme. The golden tone lends the sophisticated chique look.

I came across this amazing home décor studio on Facebook and I absolutely love their work. The versatility of their collection is unbelievable and every piece is a work of art. Hope you get inspired by these amazing home décor creations. Happy Decorating!

Please Note: All images are the intellectual property of REHABArt.



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