They are numerous in types and highly functional pieces of furniture; chairs are always on the list of essentials when it comes to home décor. So why not explore your options while choosing one for your home? It can even add glamour to your space and stand out in the entire room if chosen accordingly. Here’s a little guide to various types of chairs that could find place inside your space!

1. Bench
Often placed in the hallways, bedrooms and living rooms; can also be placed along one side of the dining table.


2. Recliner
Extremely comfortable and cozy; these chairs are perfect for the study and the lounge area.recliner
3.  Director’s Chair
The modern piece of furniture for your desk and study.


4. Deck Chair
The perfect chair for outdoors and porch area.

deck chair

5. Rocking Chair
The classic comfort chair for any space and any house, an economical alternative for recliners.

rocking chair

Bannister Chair
Usually placed along the dining table.


7. Anthemion Chair
The beautiful frame gives it its identity; placed at the dining table.


8. French Vintage/ Bergere Chair
It makes up for a beautiful accent chair for the living room giving the area a vintage feel. It stands out among the entire furniture due to its beautiful structure.

french vintage

9. Parsons Chair
It can be used at dining table and the living room as well; simple structure makes it easy to blend with other furniture.


10. Modern Chair

A play on the shapes and colors of chairs to go with the modern theme of home décor.


11. Slipper Chair
A simple chair without any armrests for you to slip into; used as accent chairs.

slipper chair

12. Wingback Chair
These big upholstered chairs are used as accent chairs to give a dainty and rich look.


13. Chaise Lounge Chair
Perfect piece of furniture for a luxurious lounge area, it’s elegant and comfortable at the same time.


14. Tub Chair
A chair with ample back support and a tub like shape for you to sink into.

Swival tub chair

15. Cross Back Chair
Cross Back Chairs are an elegant yet rustic addition to your dining or event area.

cross back chair

16. French Bistro Chair
Made of canes these chairs add the perfect touch to your dining or event area.

17. Industrial Chair
Another option for modern homes; can be used at a desk and dining table.

industrial cafe
18. Bentwood Chair
Made by wetting or steaming the wood and then bending it into desired shape, these bentwood chairs look great at a dining table.

19. Lawson Chair
Reach for a style that reflects on mid-century modern and buy the Lawson Chair..

20. Windsor Chair
Built with a solid wooden seat into which the chair-back and legs are pushed into drilled holes; these chairs have been around for as long as 16th century and still look great sitting in a living  room by a fireplace!

windsor chair

So, next time give some thought and choose the perfect one when buying a chair as it can totally turn around the look of a space. Happy Decorating!


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