Deck up that DRESSER!

Dressers are an essential piece of furniture used to store cosmetics, beauty products, clothing and accessories. Too often we ignore it or make a mess, distorting the whole look of the room. It is actually very easy to organize it properly and even glam it up to suit your needs! It’s time to turn this boring piece of a furniture into a décor item for your home.

1. Get rid of the clutter!

Get rid of all the products resting on the top of your dresser(well, not really!) and organize them inside the dresser. Always remember to place any product you use back inside the dresser. The key is to organize; so do not remove the clutter from the top and place it inside; rather organize it in sections inside the drawers.




2. Touch up the wood!

Go for a fresh change in the color and texture of the wood used. Dark brown furniture is making a comeback so say goodbye to the blonde wood. Or you could try something completely different and evergreen like a whitewashed and aged look which has been doing rounds in trendy homes recently. You can also try paining the dresser in a pastel shade to make it look so chic!


3. Put on the lights!

Good lighting is mandatory for your face to look good in the mirror and the dresser to look glamorous! You can go for the inexpensive Christmas lights, table lamps or the rustic Hollywood makeup mirror lights . Do not skip on the lighting as it is both functional and a décor item.


4. Dressing the tabletop

Once you get rid of the clutter, it is now time to decorate the table top. One can choose from items like small plants, lampshades, scented candles, potpourri or metallic décor items. Even an empty tabletop would do if you plan on going minimalist!


That’s your way to a dresser that adds a little something to your home décor. Try these tips and change the look of a space you spend so much time at. Happy Decorating!



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